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If you are looking for the CompassioNet Store, don’t worry… you’re in the right place!
Since 1994, CompassioNet has been the official store for LaneLabs products. Recently, to optimize the management of our online efforts we merged and, giving you the best of both worlds! You will continue to enjoy the same trusted CompassioNet service that you are used to plus the added benefit of LaneLabs science and health expertise.

To shop, simply click on any product on the website and you will continue to receive the great products, great service, great discounts and reliable and knowledgeable customer service that you’ve come to trust! Nothing has changed….except is now called

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If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-800-510-2010. We’re always here to serve you!

*Please remember that our customer care representatives are not medical professionals and can not answer questions about specific health problems